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SelfHealing Bandage™

GlobalOne’s first-of-its-kind SelfHealing Bandage™ simultaneously removes infections, cleans the site, and delivers healing nutrients to a patient’s wounds. For the estimated 6.5 million Americans who suffer from chronic wounds, a single self-cleaning bandage could eliminate the need for constant mechanical management, an intrusive, clinically futile and financially expensive process that often fails to cure patients and can lead to prolonged pain, risk of bacterial infections, and even clinical depression.rough a form of ‘skin dialysis’ where fluids are continually delivered to wounds, and the patient’s own natural healing is supported and promoted.

Our SelfHealing Bandage™ is engineered to form an interwoven mesh of ultra-small, flexible medical-grade tubes that are placed over the wound. Tiny holes in the tubes first create suction to remove infection, and subsequently deliver flushing fluids to cleanse the wound site. Lastly, the same holes in the tubes keep the wound site irrigated and moist while administering important regenerative nutrients and medications, a process that can ease pain and stimulate natural healing.

Two important outcomes in patient treatment and recovery are: accelerated healing time, which avoids the formation of scar tissue; and, prevention of infections. In early animal studies, our SelfHealing Bandage™ has been shown to successfully achieve both outcomes.

According to the National Institutes of Health, chronic wound treatment costs in excess of $25 billion annually in the United States alone. To-date, there have been few solutions to overcome barriers to successful wound treatment: prolonged healing times, infections, and drying of the affected wound sites. Subsequently, patients and clinicians are relegated to managing wound symptoms through protracted therapies.

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GlobalOne’s first-of-its-kind, HybridOrgan™, is the world’s most advanced and widely-studied commercial technology capable of replicating human organ function.

In peer-reviewed published studies, HybridOrgan™ systems have been shown to successfully imitate various human brain, liver, kidney and intestinal tissues and functions, as well as replicating much-needed blood, cartilage, and bone marrow. Scientists envision networking such artificial organ systems together, creating the first-ever ‘bionic human body’, enabling faster development and testing of medicines more effectively and safely for treating life-threatening illnesses, infectious diseases, and deadly viruses with rapid response therapies.

According to Forbes, the average cost of developing a new drug now exceeds $5 billion in the United States; the analysis of a single substance, be it a potential drug or chemical, can involve testing on up to 800 animals and cost over $6 million. Despite these enormous costs, animal testing has failed to live up to its early promise. The genetic differences between humans and animals are simply too vast thus leading to an incomplete understanding on infectious diseases, genetic disorders, and environmental diseases such as Ebola, influenza, and cancer.

In contrast to animal testing, our HybridOrgan™ system makes use of ethically-derived human stem cells proven to grow human cells and tissues, replicate organ functions, and scaffold neural and vascular networks to successfully mimic the internal anatomical structure of the human body. How?

Scientists carefully ‘seed’ HybridOrgan™ bioreactors with tiny amounts of specific donor cells which thrive and grow inside a novel 3-dimensional design simulating the body’s internal environment.

Once networked together, researchers envision HybridOrgan™ systems as a biologically functional bionic human; such a system would enable effective development of therapeutics with fewer side effects and greater safety.

Furthermore, seeding our HybridOrgan™ system with a patient’s own stem cells could also allow for deployment of ‘personalized medicines’ – specialized therapeutics which would maximize healing and safety based on the donor patient’s genetics and internal environment.

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GlobalOne’s SeaWEED™ technology is an advanced next-generation wave energy extraction system, which harnesses the energy of ocean waves to generate clean, cost-effective, renewable electricity.

SeaWEED™’s patent-pending design is optimized to address low-wave frequency, randomized ocean waves, and functionality during storms while still producing electricity. Until now, engineers have been thwarted by challenges with conversion of low, random, and high-force oscillatory motion into useful motion to power a generator with output efficiency and quality suitable for utility. SeaWEED™’s 1/16th scale prototype has addressed these issues through calculated numeric modeling in 21,000 different ocean wave conditions.

SeaWEED™ is a 750-kilowatt (kW) ocean wave energy converter that is semi-submerged on the surface of the ocean, where it converts waves into clean electricity. This electricity is directed to a subsea hub allowing for distribution to any number of applications for utility.

Importantly, SeaWEED™ Storm Mode™ allows the system to ride out storms while still producing electricity. This customization approach matches predominant wave conditions, allowing for optimal energy yield.

SeaWEED™ makes use of off-the-shelf components, and is designed for simple on-site assembly, rapid deployment, and easy maintenance.