How We Advance our Technologies



During our introductory phase you will present your technology, emphasizing the core essence of your innovation. You will indicate its commercial application, current stage of development, and future opportunities. You will need to articulate hurdles the technology has to overcome.

Due Diligence

After introduction, we perform an internal due diligence assessment at our expense, which is usually completed within 120 days. In this assessment we analyze all angles of the technology and see where we can add the greatest value for advancement.

Our Plan

At this time, we present you with a comprehensive road map and plan for the next important steps to reach achievable goals.


Short-Term Licensing

Once we have agreed upon the upcoming steps, you will provide us with a non-exclusive option to license your technology. The license will include the use of the technology based on the specifications dictated in a written agreement. This short-term license will be granted at no cost or at minimal cost.

Technology Evaluation

At our expense, our team will perform a technology evaluation to define trajectory for R&D, capital requirements, strategic partnerships, budget allocation, and achievable goals. The short term licensing agreement must be in place by this time. If we do not see an opportunity following this evaluation, the license to the technology will be returned to you.

Full Licensing

Proceeding technology evaluation, upon determining that we can assist with development, you will grant us full licensing of your technology. This allows us to begin to reach out to affiliates, partners, and non-affiliate entities to focus on the R&D process. Our motivation is to investigate the pre-approved application for the technology, and when warranted, we will work to identify additional market applications.


Go-To-Market Strategy

As your technology makes significant strides, we formulate go-to-market strategies to view the landscape of interest amongst the industry. Through internal and public relations outreach we promote the technology to attract additional R&D partners, commercial partners, financing and international opportunities. This can lead to growth, interest, and additional R&D applications for the technology and its resultant products.