GlobalOne Sciences seeks novel, highly disruptive technologies, which we acquire for our select portfolio through outright purchase or in-licensing. We then fund the technical advancement of these technologies in order to bolster their commercial value, whether for eventual out-licensing, joint venturing, or premium divesture.

Our assessment of disruptive technologies range from early inception to advanced prototyping to premarket approved technologies. We position advancement of research and development after securing funding opportunities in the US and/or around the world.

Through our evaluation & commercialization pathway, we secure a non-exclusive licensing agreement for your technology of interest. Following this period we structure R&D partnerships and go-to-market strategies to help build toward a commercial product. When needed, we reach beyond our initial network to attract financing and sponsorships through strategic industrial or commercial partners.

Always, we acquire opportunities ripe for market leadership.

Imagine the innovation, drive to invent the idea, strive to impact the world.


$1.628T: Global Gross R&D Spending